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College Union

The College has a democratically elected student union which looks after student welfare through its various programmes. The College Union comprises a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, General Secretary, Treasurer, Arts Club Secretary, Magazine editor, Lady Representatives and Representatives from the Departments.

Besides, there are two University Union Councillors who represent the College students in the Kerala University Union. The major activities of the union include organizing debates, discussions and talks on relevant issues involving local leaders, ministers and people from the literary field, Arts Fest of two days that give opportunities to students to express their talents, film fest and the College Day. Staff Advisor and other faculty members assist students in the holding of competitions. College union receives funds for its various programmes from the donations from students and faculty as well as from the PTA. University Union also supports the College Union in organizing different programmes.

Staff Advisor Prof. Rajan Pillai S
College Union Chairman Shahinas Mon