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Finance Club (Dhanam Club)

The Finance club is meant for discussing the issues related to Finance in specific & Management in general. The main objective of this club is to bridge the gap between theoretical learning & Practice. The club is coordinated by Prof. K Govindankutty and Prof. B.Asok Kumar, which is run & managed by the students interested in Finance as specialization.


  • To emphasize the importance of finance.
  • To make the students more competitive in terms of both concepts as well as practice.
  • To give a platform to the students to bring out their best and improvise upon their concepts with a better practical understanding


  • Reading financial statements and interpretation.
  • Undertaking live projects.
  • Conducting group discussion on economic issues.
  • Analyzing major economic aspect of country and global impact.
  • To conduct various inter and intra collegiate competitions on the global as well as domestic issues.
  • Compiling finance related articles.
  • Having interaction with the resource person to hone the concepts.


  • Help to enhance the knowledge and skills.
  • Enhance the presentation skills and familiarize students with financial aspects and interpretation.
  • Practical aspects of accounting and financial management become more clear
  • Selection of topic for in plant becomes easy.
  • Analytical skills are sharpened.
Convenor Dr. K. Govindan Kutty