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Faculty Directory

Number of Faculty members:

Permanent faculty : 17

Visiting faculty : 13

Profile of each faculty:

  • Dr.Madhu.R, ( Principal) BBA, MBA, PGDCA, PhD
    Experience: 16 Years Teaching & 1 Year of Industry Experience
  • Dr. Govindan kutty (Professor) B.Com, M.Com, M Phil, PhD, MBA
    Experience: 35 Teaching Experience

  • Mr. Soman Pillai(Professor) B.com, M.com, M.Phil.
    Experience: 36 Years Teaching Experience

  • Mr. Rajan Pillai(Professor) B.com, M.com, M.Phil.
    Experience: 30 Years Teaching Experience

  • Mrs. K. Rema Devi Amma(Associate Professor), B.Sc (Engg), PGDCA, MBA
    Experience: 23 years industrial & 17 years teaching

  • Dr.Vivek S A, (Associate Professor) B.Tech(Text.Tech.), MBA, PhD
    Experience: 12 years of Teaching Experience

  • Ms. Hima Kumari V (Assistant Professor)BBA, MBA, M Phil
    Experience: 15 years of Teaching Experience

  • Dr. Baiju J J(Assistant Professor) BA, MBA, PGDIB, PhD
    Experience: 3 year of Industry & 14 Year Teaching Experience

  • Dr. Simi Thomson (Assistant Professor) BBA, MBA, UGC/NET, PhD
    Experience: 8 Years Teaching Experience & 1 year industry

  • Ms. Jisha Sasikumar (Assistant Professor) BBA, MBA
    Experience: 1 year of Industry & 6 years of Teaching Experience

  • Mr.Surendranadhan S(Assistant Professor) BSc, LLB, MSc, MBA
    Experience: 11 years of Industry & 8 years of Teaching Experience

  • Mrs.Sudha.S (Assistant Professor) B.Com, M.Com, MBA, M Phil
    Experience: 22 years of Teaching Experience

  • Dr. Bindu Nair (Assistant Professor) BSc, MBA, PhD
    Experience: 9 years of Teaching Experience & 12 years of industry

  • Nair Beenu Babu (Asst.Prof) MBA, M.Com, B.Com
    Experience: 2 years of Industry & 2 years Teaching Experience

  • Arun Aravind (Asst.Prof) MA English, BA English, B.Ed
    Experience: 2 years of Industry & 13 years Teaching Experience

  • Mr.Anandha Krishnan S (Asst.Prof) B.Sc Maths,MCA, MBA
    Experience: 7 years Teaching Experience

  • Anjana Prasad (Asst.Prof) LLB,LLM
    Experience: 2years Teaching Experience

Visiting Faculty:

  • Prof (Dr) C.J.Thomas, M.Sc, MBA, Ph.D, Experience: 30 Years of Teaching

  • Prof. P.R. Poduval. MA,ITP (Harvard)

  • Prof. (Dr.) K.G. Nair, MA, MBA, Ph.D, JM,DIM(Bucks)MI Ex(London)

  • Prof (Dr.) Chandrasekhar, MBA, Ph.D

  • Mr. Revishivram, Director, Orion Expo, Chennai

  • Mr.Harikrishnan Nair, IIM(B)

  • Krishnan.G.Nair,IIM(B)

  • Ms.Bindhu.S.Nair,MA,MBA

  • Mr.P.C Pillai – M D KSFE

  • Rani.L,M.Sc(Statistics)

  • Mr.T.T.Gopalji,M.Com,MBA

  • Dr.Ratheesh , MBA,PhD – Former MD CAPEX

  • Prof. K. K. Pillai, M.Com, MBA, LLB, CAIIB

Number of faculties appointed during the last two years: One

Number of faculties left during the last two years: None

Whether student assessment of faculty is in force : yes


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