Know more about MSNIMT Campus.

The MSNIMT campus is set on 8 acres of lush greenland in the idyllic countryside of Chavara, 12 km north of Kollam and 2 km east of N H 47. Rich in natural resources, Kollam is home to such critical industries like Indian Rare Earths Limited and Kerala Minerals & Metals Ltd.

MSNIMT Campus ensures students are involved in various academic and extra curricular activities.

Working Hours

Except government declared holidays, college is open on all working days as per the data below.

Monday to Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.,
Sunday closed.



The curriculum design and pedagogy emphasise the development of student’s skills and abilities to apply management theories and concepts to live problems in business and industry. Students are expected to achieve high standards of Excellence.

Teaching methods include-lectures, case studies, seminars, group discussions, business games, role plays, simulation exercises, structured and unstructured group work and field visits. The emphasis, is on involving the students in learning and helping them to relate concepts and theories to business requirements. Consistent with advances in teaching technology, the programme integrates the use of computers in learning the basic principles in different functional areas of management. It also enables students to acquire skills in identifying and dealing with complex problems in management, especially in this era of globalization of industrial and commercial activity and the resulting intense competition. The students also undertake several field-based projects so that they can get better insights into the business workplace reality.


Group Learning is an innovative approach to give self learning an added impetus, and forms a prominent constituent of the pedagogic approach. This learning method is based on the assumption that peer group learning is very effective. Self-learning is essential for an individual success. But an individual benefits immensely from the diverse ideas offered by others. Learning from others and appreciating different opinions are essential ingredients in the creation of a successful manager. They prepare prospective managers to be proactive in seeking and acquiring knowledge, rather than having it ‘imparted’ in the classroom. Group discussions and presentations have the added benefit of enhancing communication skills.



To bring the students up-to-date on current practices and changing trends in different disciplines of management, MSNIMT organizes regular interface with business stalwarts and eminent management professionals.

Industry visits, internship projects and summer training form part of this programme, supplemented by lectures workshops, seminars and one-to-one interactive sessions. Soft skill development and personality development programmes and intellectually stimulating exercises form an essential part of our grooming process. Company project studies are integral to our curriculum.
They expose the students to all shades of corporate behaviour and activities before they actually step into the profession.

Problems are gateways to opportunities. Through in-depth training and comprehensive grooming programmes, students become thorough professionals equipped to perform in the most complex of situations.



Development of the overall personality of each student is an essential part of our training process. We offer the students a series of programmes tailored to enhance their skills in communication, public speaking and inter-personal relationships. Our self-awareness programmes as well as counseling sessions help them identify areas that require improvement. We strive to increase their power of concentration and self control through yoga and meditation. Besides making the students methodical and multi-skilled, these programmes develop in them the priceless traits of positive thinking, self-confidence, level playing and rigid discipline.



The Institute has introduced a mentor group concept in the campus. Under this system the students are divided into small groups and a faculty member is assigned to each group as a mentor. The students are free to air their views and discuss their problems, fears, hopes and aspirations with their respective mentors.



The Institute offers a 2 month orientation programme which helps the freshers to get a general feel of the training programme so that they can adapt themselves to the learning process.


Students must go through an internship programme and a 8-10 week summer training with industries/businesses/ service organizations and do a project study.


The infrastructure at MSNIMT is conducive to effective and prolonged study. The teaching block at the Institute has spacious lecture halls, classrooms and syndicate rooms. State-of-the-art audio-visual and computer-aided facilities provide an easy, interesting and effective learning environment to create techno-savvy managers.



The well-stocked library at MSNIMT has today grown into a major learning resource centre in South Kerala . The library, with its vast collection of books, periodicals, journals and CD ROMs, is housed in a spacious building and exceeds the AICTE and University norms. The Institute has also access to the British Council Library and the Quilon Public Library & Research Centre.

Free access :

The library provides free access to students, Faculty members, Officers of the institute and participants of the Management Development programmes. (MDP)

Paid access :

a) Institutional:

For reading room facility Registration Fee : Rs.3000/-

Subscription Fee : Rs.3000/- per year.

To borrow books , it requires another Rs.1000 per book, only a maximum of three books can be borrowed .

b) Individual :

The personal reading room facility can be used by students from other institutes at a nominal fee of Rs.2000 per year. How ever they are not allowed to carry any of the books outside the reading room.

Library rules :

This section provides information to the members regarding the rules,regulations and special facilities for them.

• 2 books for a period of 2 days from the general and text books sections.

• Students are not allowed to borrow books from the reference section, Journal Section, Project report sections.

• Core faculty members can avail books from the library as and when necessary

• Visiting faculty members can avail books from the library with the special permission from the principal.

• A member may not be entitled for borrowing if he/she holds an overdue book.

• A penalty of Rs 1/per book per day will be charged after due date

• If the books / journals/ periodicals lost belongs to a set of multi volume books, cost of the entire volume will be recovered from the borrower.

• The instructions of the librarian have to be strictly followed and obeyed.



Computers are transforming our culture by fundamentally changing the way we live, work and do business. The computer lab at MSNIMT is provided with the most modern equipment and systems. The communication lab has highly sophisticated hardware and software resources, all interconnected with LAN. In-house Internal access is also provided at the lab.

Communication Lab :

The lab is provided with most modern audio visual amenities to enhance communication.

• Wi Fi Enabled Campus

• O.H.P’s

• V.H.P’s

• Xerox facility.

• Microphone with peripherals.

• S.T.D Booth


• TV & DVD Player


The Teaching Block

The academic block has spacious lecture halls, several class rooms and many syndicate rooms. The lecture halls and class rooms are equipped with state of the art audio – visual facilities which gives an inspiring ambience for the teaching process.



The campus has two hostels that provide accommodation to students with modern amenities and recreation facilities. All the hostels have separate warden and security staff. The hostels are provided with separate phone facility. For the visitors, the institute provides guest rooms. The guest rooms will be charged at a nominal rate as applicable from time to time.

The Hotel Vijaya Castle(3 star) & The Hotel Vijaya Palace ( 3 Star) which belongs to MSN Trust provides accommodation to executives coming for Management Development Programmes and also to the visiting faculties. Residential rooms, suites and conference halls are available here. Amenities like phone, Fax, T.V, LCD & Internet access are available here.


Bank & Post Office

The State Bank Of Travancore, The Federal Bank and The ING-Vysya Bank has branches near to the institute . In addition to the normal banking facilities, it also provides loan facilities to the needy students. ICICI bank , Federal Bank & S.B.T operates A T M Centres near to the college. A post office is also located near to the campus.

Medical Facilities

The institute has got tie up with Upasana Hospital , Kollam . Special privilege is given to the students from this institute for consultation between the specified hours on all working days. For emergency, doctor on call facility is also available on the campus.




The campus life at MSNIMT is designed to meet the various needs of the students by providing comprehensive services in the areas of student activities, social interaction, healthcare, sports, recreation and community living.

Alert & Competent MSN Energized Team [ACMET] – the students body of the Institute – is designed to go beyond the scope of academics and aims at systematic evolution by serving as an instrument of change.

One of ACMET’s major activities is to organize industrial seminars and national competitions every year. The seminars will address some of the burning issues before business and industry.
The National Talent Hunt – known as Dreamz – is an exclusive event for potential managers organized by ACMET. Dreamz combines creativity, intelligence, innovation and entertainment.
The students are also involved in Finance Club (Dhanam), Marketing Club (MEC-Marketing Executives Club)( , H.R. Club (Synergy) and Systems Club (SIM- System Innovative Members)



As a part of the overall development of the budding managers, the Institute encourages them to devote time to social work during both years of study.


ACMET (Alert & Competent M.S.N Energized Team)

ACMET is the students body of Kerala’s upcoming business institute, M.S.N.Institute of Management & Technology.


ACMET is designed to go beyond the scope of academics and aims at total evolution, which brings revolutionary changes. ACMET tries to combine the important aspects of Business administration, Professionalism and Excellence.

Map &

Madapally, Mukundapuram, Chavara, Kollam District, Kerala State, India.

1.5 kms from Chavara bus stop. Towards Madapally.

10 kms to Karunagapally Railway Station. Different means of transportations are available from the location.


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