Political activities are prohibited inside the college campus. No student shall get involved in any political activity by him or abet the said activity to be carried on by fellow students inside the campus in any manner whatsoever. As per the orders of the Honourable High Court of Kerala WP (C). No. 29634 of 2003 (C) agitation, demonstration, dharna etc. within the campus stands banned. Cases of violation will be handed over to the police. 

Taking part in any political activity by organising or gathering inside the college campus for the purpose of doing any activities as defined in Rule 4(8) shall constitute serious indiscipline. Every member of such a gathering shall be individually liable and responsible for the gross indiscipline in this regard and the principal shall have the power to take disciplinary action against students who indulge in the aforesaid activities. 

It shall constitute gross indiscipline to call for and appeal to strike based on policies and ideologies that may be preached by the political parties or their student organization or student wings. The participants in the strike as aforesaid shall be dealt with by the disciplinary authority and shall be imposed appropriate punishment as provided in these rules. 

No student shall shout slogans inside the classroom, office or any other place inside the campus, causing interference or disturbance to the functioning of the institution. 


Ragging is prohibited both inside and outside the institution. The applicant for admission to any course is found to have indulged in ragging in the


STUDENT’S ATTENDANCE  Attendance of students is taken at the biggining of every class by the teacher engaging the class. Late comers shall be denied attendance


PROCEDURE FOR ADMISSION  Admission to First Degree Programme under CBCS system in the Arts and Science colleges affiliated to the University of Kerala is made