1. Admission to First Degree Programme under CBCS system in the Arts and Science colleges affiliated to the University of Kerala is made on the basis of Online Centralized Allotment. The allotment of the candidates to the various programmes and colleges is on the basis of merit strictly following the rules and regulations regarding reservation. The marks at the Plus Two/Higher Secondary level would be the basic criteria for admission to the First Degree Programme. Seats available in the College are mainly classified as Merit Seats, Community Seats, Management Seats and Reservation seats. 
  1. Merit Seats: These seats are filled by the University through Online Centralized Allotment process purely on the basis of merit. 
  1. Management Seats: These seats are filled by the Management of the college. 
  1. Reservation Seats: The seats under quota for Persons with Disabilities/SC & ST are filled by the University through online allotment process.

Details are available at 

  1. Application for admission to seats under Management and Community quota must be made in the prescribed form available at the college office on payment of the prescribed application fee. Registration of application does not guarantee admission. Application for admission to seats under quota for sports persons must be made in the prescribed form available in the University website and submit the same with relevant documents to the Principal’s Office for further admission procedure. 
  1. The provisional rank lists for the various quotas will be published on the college notice board as stipulated by the University. Candidate seeking admission shall essentially note the same and lodge complaint with the Principal in case his ranking is incorrect. Admission towards reservation quota will be made according to the position of the candidate in the rank list, Even if the memo cards sent to the candidates do not reach their hands, they will be admitted as per rank list, provided the candidate is present at the Principal’s office in time with his guardian and the documents such as qualifying mark list, Transfer certificate and Conduct Certificate from the previous institution. The date and time of Interview will be published along with the rank list. The certificates will be scrutinized before finalising admission. 
  1. A student from another university is required to produce migration certificate and eligibility certificate. 
  1. Identity Card will be issued to every student on enrolment. All transactions in the college will be carried out only on production of the Identity Card. The student is bound to produce the card on demand by any member of the staff. 
  1. Any Candidate found to have obtained admission with false documents shall be summarily dismissed and is liable for prosecution. 
  1. Fee concession will be effected on the basis of the certificate of caste and income submitted at the office as approved by Govt. 
  1. A student applying for T.C shall clear all his dues including the term fees and special fees before he gets the same. 
  1. A late fee of Rs. 15 /-is levied by the govt. from those who apply for 

T.C one year after leaving the college. Duplicate T.C will be issued with a fee of Rs 30/-,only when the Principal is convinced of the irrecoverability of original T.C. Normally, an affidavit signed by the First Class Magistrate is required for the same. 

  1. Transfer certificate will be issued only seven days after the submission of application. 
  1. Students leaving after admission should pay the fee for the whole term. 
  1. Caution deposit will be refunded at the stipulated time and only on surrendering the fee card. 
  1. Students are advised to keep sufficient number of attested copies of documents surrendered at the time of admission. A student applying for release of any document from the college should have cleared all the dues to the college. 
  1. All students are urged to maintain high moral and ethical standard set by the college. 
  1. Students are required to attend the college on all working days and they must also be punctual. 

Admission Co-ordinator : Asst. Prof. Anandha Krishnan S.


All claims for refund of caution deposit shall be preferred before the reopening date of the next academic year which follows the academic year in which the course was completed. In case of those who discontinued or left the college during the tenure of course the claim shall be preferred before the reopening date of the next academic year following the academic year in which they would have completed the course, had they continued in the college. The caution deposit amount will be refunded only if the concerned receipt issued from the college is produced along with the application (in the prescribed form) for refund of caution deposit. 


10.00 AM – 4.00 PM 


Ragging is prohibited both inside and outside the institution. The applicant for admission to any course is found to have indulged in ragging in the


STUDENT’S ATTENDANCE  Attendance of students is taken at the biggining of every class by the teacher engaging the class. Late comers shall be denied attendance